About Us

FreshAquaria is the leading generation freshwater community and knowledgebase. We not only provide details about specific aspects of an aquarium or pond, but we also provide a more general approach when it comes to different inhabitant species, plants, equipment, and more. All of our articles that are written are done so as community members request them, or that they are common questions that are asked throughout the aquarium world.

What separates FreshAquaria from it's competitors is not only the selection of team members, but also how the community is actively engaged with every aspect. Instead of writing things or creating a website where members join us, we have the ideology where the community drives and creates the content instead. Doing so, we can provide the most current and accurate information at any single second. We provide comments, videos, and also question and answer sessions from experts in the field around the world so that you can not only be backed by community members but also experts alike.

Although we may have advertisements around our website and dicussion board, this is only to provide revenue to pay for the server costs, contest prizes, and other various things that are all related to FreshAquaria. This allows for us to provide access to our content all for free, without the requirements to have any members pay for anything out of their own pockets. If any of our advertisements are found offensive towards you, please feel free to report them (as we only allow ads from trusted, and secured third-party companies).