There are many different types of food ranging from pellets, flakes, waffers, vegetables, and even foods that are still alive. Since they require nutrition just as much as we do, picking a good brand can make the difference in not only the behavior you see but also the coloration. Making sure to always mix up the food that you give them, including by giving them actual real vegetables will promote a healthy, long, and happy experience for fish and invertebrates alike. A common issue when feeding is over feeding which we suggest that you only feed your fish once per day and only 6 days out of 7 days during the week making sure to skip a day which does no harm to them, and instead it actually helps them since it allows for the full digestion of all of the food. This in turn will allow for all of that food to pass through their body completely while dramatically reducing the chance of any bloat related issues (this does not apply for fry, which have their own set of requirements).

Below is a list of different types of foods, how to raise them, tips on when to feed your inhabiants, and what to feed them specifically. Since we do not promote a specific brand of food, we will not be going over what brand food is better than another brand.