If you are looking for information regarding fish, algae, invertebrates, live plants, and also disease our profile database is the best place to find detailed information. We are continuously adding new profiles to our database while also making sure that we keep all profiles up to date with relevant information (newer cures for diseases may come out, better breeding tips and habits for fish or invertebrate that are undocumented for breeding may be released and more).

We strive to make sure that not only can beginners read and understand each profile, but also experts who are looking for specific and detailed data that is backed not only by FreshAquaria, but agencies and studies done around the world. Communication between breeders is something that is focused upon greatly, since they will understand the trends of breeding, taking care of fry, and even newly found information about diseases.

If you find any information that is incorrect, please feel free to let us know on our discussion board.